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Explore the stories of farmers on their journeys towards being good water stewards.

Water is a shared resource, one which is scarce in South Africa. Water stewardship is a long-term journey towards improving your water use and reducing your water impacts - in your business, across your supply chain and in the catchment area you depend on for water. Good water stewardship means playing an active and attentive role around water - where your water comes from, how you use it and where it goes to.


How can this guide help you?

WWF’s Water Stewardship Guide is an interactive web tool to help you consider and address important points along your water stewardship journey.

This Water Stewardship Guide is based on a tested set of criteria, from the internationally recognised Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) standard. It has been made relevant to a South African agricultural and small business context, with pragmatic actions and tips to assist your journey.


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